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The Computer Emergency Response Team

CERT stands for ”Computer Emergency Response Team”, and we, the S-CERT, are the computer emergency response team of the German Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe (Savings Banks Financial Group). S-CERT consists of members drawn from savings banks, Landesbanken and insurers as well as IT service providers affiliated directly with the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe.

S-CERT is a service of SIZ GmbH. It serves not only members of the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, but other German financial institutes too.

S-CERT also provides its international partners with a central point of contact with the German finance industry, and as such, forms an important first point of contact for all IT-security-related issues.

We are available for you!

Please contact us directly with any questions you may have regarding problems, bugs, or other IT security-related issues whenever members of the S-CERT are involved. We will either provide direct assistance or establish the appropriate contact:

Phone:   +49 228 4495 7070

Fax:         +49 228 4495 7171


If you should be unable to contact us directly by telephone, please leave a message and send us an E-Mail with your callback request. Please note, that we speak English and German.

We also support secure e-mail communication using PGP. If you wish to contact us this way, please use the following PGP key:

ID: 0x7A521580
Type: RSA 4096
Fingerprint: 2C13 2BCB B94B D786 3C9E 72BA 147A 39B7 7A52 1580

Download PGP-Key (S-CERT_2024-01-11_-_2029-02-13.asc)

Further informaton on S-CERT

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Collaborative Partners

S-CERT can only provide its comprehensive security services in co-operation with a wide-ranging network of national and international partners. These partners are of special importance in emergency situations

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Further information

The Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe in Germany
The Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, the group of savings banks, Landesbanken and associated companies, comprises 670 companies employing some 380,000 people, with combined total assets of EUR 3.2 trillion.

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